the main issue I have with the GoT fandom is that it just criticises the living daylights out of the show while being blatantly in favour of the books??? and in doing so, it venerates the books while condemning the show’s choices, which is extremely irritating bc it promotes the idea of superiority in media & that if something is being adapted it holds less value than that which it is being adapted from. 

having said that, I’m not keen to do the ‘natural thing’ in opposition to this, which is tear down every flaw in the books, thereby destroying their pedestal & wreaking havoc like a trio of pre-teen dragons. I don’t like that for two reasons: one, it’s disrespectful to the original content itself; and two, it suggests that the only way to prove the superiority of one piece of media is to pit it against another. 

I disagree with that. vehemently. I don’t think the show is the Be All and End All, but equally I disagree with the exaltation of the books. but what I hate most is that I feel this need to say that neither of them are perfect, that I prefer neither over the other. why is it so difficult, on tumblr in particular, to enjoy a piece of media solely for the sake of enjoying it? why do I have to justify my favourites with the prefix of “this is problematic, but …”

instead, I prefer to let the two of them coexist, with neither being superior to the other. it helps my peace of mind, and it means I can enjoy both the show and the books equally. try it, it’s fun.


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so we went to an improv show and we played this game where somebody is given a trait and another player has to guess what it is based on how they answer questions

and one of the players who was a taxidermist was asked “what do you do for a living?” and she replied “oh you know…. stuff” AND TO THIS DAY THAT IS THE GREATEST PUN I HAVE EVER HEARD MY GOD

"Ann is the greatest human being ever invented."




She’s hella racist and she knows how to make homemade explosives I don’t think she needs that much protection

No one is saying that she is not racist. No one supports her racism. The reason why people feel a need to protect her is that she has a mental illness and she is not aware of the dangers of whatever she had done. She didn’t think it was wrong of her to put explosives under a car, she didn’t think it was wrong of her to stalk a guy to death. She needs to get treatment, she should be getting professional help in prison but she is not, probably because of the fucked up administration (of prison or whatever). That’s why she needs protection.

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❝ I took up smoking to remember your scent
but you didn’t come back
and all that remains is a spot on my lung ❞
Every Single NIght - Fiona Apple

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~every single night’s a fight with my brain

❝ What was love, after all? … Was it love when somebody filled a space in your life that yawned inside you, once they had gone? ❞
—   J.K. Rowling, The Casual Vacancy   —